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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Movie “Just Wright” Is Just Right for a Conversation about Relationships

I went to a special screening tonight for the movie “Just Wright” starring Queen Latifah, Common and Paula Patton. I thought the movie was excellent and will go see it again this weekend. Before I expound on the movie I want to talk about the screening. I received an email from www.wheredastaintsat.com announcing the screening. I receive emails from them regularly and they often send me information that if I can’t use I pass on to my friends. I clicked on the link to register. I registered myself and a guest. I had asked my friend Valerie who just graduated from nursing school and passed the licensure test to attend the screening with me. I knew that nursing school was stressful so I knew that she would enjoy going to a movie.

 When I received the confirmation email it stated that I was registered for the screening in Atlanta. I knew that was a mistake and I quickly sent an email to the promotional marketing company that was overseeing the screenings. A very short time later I received a response from Felicia at Liquid Soul Media, www.liquidsoulmedia.com. The email informed me that there was a glitch and that they were working to correct it and that I have indeed registered for the screening in Philadelphia. I appreciated the very prompt response from Felicia.

The screening was being held at the “Bridge” Cinema Duplex at 40th & Walnut Streets on the University of Pennsylvania Campus. I got there a little after 6pm. I walked into the theatre and did not see any signs that the screening was going to take place. I got in line to ask an attendant but noticed people just walking down the hallway and going to the left. I followed behind them and stopped to ask another theatre attendant and she pointed down another long hallway pass the concession stand where there were people standing in a line. I went to a table at the end of the hallway where they had what looked like posters sitting on it. I asked someone at the table where I sign in. I received blank stares but no response. I decided to go get in the line and wait for Valerie to come. I called Valerie on her cell to let her know that I was standing in line inside the theatre.

According to the confirmation email registration for the screening would start at 7pm and it was just 6:15pm. While in line I talked with different people discussing the different events that we had been to recently. The conversation helped the time to pass. While in line they gave out posters, pocket mirrors and key chains. By 6:45pm event staff was going to each person in line to check them in. Valerie still had not gotten there yet. We were allowed to go inside to find seats. Let me say this, the seats aren’t made for “big girls” like me. I asked one of the event staff to let Valerie in when she comes. Valerie finally arrived a little after 7pm. We were seated in what some would call the “nose bleed section” but because the theatre was kinda of small it did not matter.

A man got up and introduced himself as Christopher I believe. I don’t remember where he said he was from and/or who he represented. He introduced someone who goes by the name “Sexy C” who has a radio and tv program. It was hard to hear everything that she was saying because of problems with the microphone. I thought I would get her card after the screening so I could check out her radio program. The movie was shown. I must say I have always liked Queen Latifah and Common but I see that they are both very talent actors who have great screen presence. I am one of those people who believe that most rappers should not act. Queen Latifah and Common certainly blow that belief out of the water. I don’t know too much about Paula Patton’s work but she was great in the movie also.

After the screening while people were leaving the theatre there were some many different conversations going on. Yes, there were the usual ones regarding getting out of the theatre and going to the bathroom. What impressed me about this movie is that it caused some intense and passionate discussions about relationships. I saw couples talking about the movie but what I really enjoyed was seeing groups of people who were young adults to senior citizens talking about what they felt was appropriate behavior in regards to dating. Even Valerie and I found ourselves joining in on the conversations of strangers.

 I don’t go to movies often so this was a very unique experience for me. This movie made me think about my past dating experiences. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing but I believe it is necessary to examine one’s own behavior. This movie was great for not only having conversations with others about relationships but having the conversation with one’s own self.