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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Male Victims of Domestic Violence

When we think of victims of domestic violence, we mainly think of women as victims, but men can be victims, too.  As a survivor of domestic violence, I know firsthand how it affects women. While I applaud the efforts to end violence against women, I want to know what has been done to bring attention to male victims.  I found it difficult to find data on male victims of domestic violence.  I know that many people don’t believe that men can be victims of domestic violence.  Men don’t often report incidents of violence because men feel they will be viewed as weak.  According to an article dated September 7, 2010 in the UK’s Daily Mail, four out of ten victims of domestic violence are male.   In the article, it also stated that men feel that they are treated unfairly by the police and the justice system.  If most people don’t believe that men can be victims, then we might assume that law enforcement and the justice system will not believe they can be victims either. 

Where can a male victim receive support?  Most organizations that provide services to women rarely provide services to men, especially shelters.  I could not find one place that primarily provides shelter to males who are victims of domestic violence.  Now, I am not saying that none exist; I just could not find them.  I did find one organization, that is biblically based, which primarily provides support to male victims of domestic violence.

MBK Ministries Outreach

Anthony Baxter is the founder of MBK Ministries which started in the Seattle Washington, but now is located in Gainesville, Florida.   I was really interested in finding out more about this ministry.

Anthony says that in October 2010, he was doing a bible study in the county jail while there for 14 days for a minor offense.  As he was reading the Word, and the Lord spoke the words, “My Brother’s Keeper” to him.  He says he assumed that he was to start a bible study named “My Brother’s Keeper.”  After he was released from prison, Apostle Sabrina Ford

 contacted him and told him to start a ministry. This is when he understood that his revelation was the name for the ministry not the bible study.

While he was in jail, God led him to read two books.  One of the books dealt with men being abused by women and he began to see that he had been verbally abused by many women in his life. These revelations made him think about how many other men have dealt with or are dealing with this abuse.  Another book he was led to was a book on spiritual warfare.  He believes that the reason the Lord led him to read these books is to point out what he had been through, and how the ministry was to operate.  He was to help abused men get out of their current situation and become spiritually whole.

Anthony states that the mission of MBK Ministries is to empower people to receive God’s love and kindness in their heart, mind and soul.  MBK has a prayer line that is bringing deliverance and healing through prayer. The prayer line number is 916-233-2999 pin# 600170. They have a men’s group that meets on Tuesdays. This group addresses the root causes of issues and comes up with biblically-based solutions to the problems that may be holding men back in their walk with God as well as their daily life.

The ministry has two radio programs.  One program, which is a talk show, airs on Saturday mornings at 8am PST, and the other program, which covers spiritual warfare, airs on Sunday evenings at 6pm PST.  Both programs air on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mbkministries. 

Anthony says that the biggest misconception is the belief that men don’t experience abuse.  He says that men often experience more verbal abuse than physical abuse.  He feels that the verbal abuse hurts just as much, if not more, than physical abuse. 

Minister Baxter is available to speak at your church and/or organization on male domestic violence.  If you would like to contact Minister Anthony Baxter please call (206) 293-9199 or write him at mbkministries@gmail.com.  You can also go to http://www.mbkministries.org/